FESTO Process Control Training Systems

The Process Control Training Systems form a complete program designed to familiarize students with the fundamentals of instrumentation and process control. It demonstrates the control of pressure, flow, level, temperature, and pH processes. It can also demonstrate advanced process control techniques, such as feed-forward control, second-order control, and cascade control when used with a controller featuring these functions.

Also available as an eSeries course.


  • Features & Benefits
  • Topics Covered
  • Equipment
    • Many work surface, bench, and panel options
    • Stainless-steel drip tray
    • Cost-effective solution when compared to industrial training systems
    • Bench offers lockable storage
    • Wide range of add-ons and optional components to expand learning
    • Moveable components build a foundation of knowledge one device at a time, making it easier to teach circuit assembly
    • Create circuits to mimic industry-specific process control applications
    • Fault switches on most of the industrial components enable real-world troubleshooting
    • HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication protocols
    • Environmentally friendly temperature training system (no cooling water required)
  • Curriculum
    • Process control simulation software available
    • Curriculum available in job-sheet format in standard student activity manuals or in PDF format on CD-ROM as a site license
    • Innovative approach that also allows interconnection with other products, such as pneumatics applications, PLCs, etc.
  • Pressure, Flow and Level Processes
  • PID Controller and Process Control
  • Temperature Processes and Measurement
  • pH Control and Measurement
  • Process Dynamics
  • Proportional Plus Integral/Derivative Control Mode
  • Estimated total program duration: 110 hours