Festo LabVolt Data Acquisition Interface

The Data Acquisition and Control Interface (DACI) is a versatile USB peripheral enclosed in a half-size EMS module. The DACI is intended to be used with the LVDAC-EMS software. Together, the DACI and LVDAC-EMS provide a complete set of modern computer-based instruments to measure, observe, analyze, and control electrical and mechanical parameters.

The provided instruments include voltmeters, ammeters, power meters, frequency meters, efficiency meters, impedance meters, power factor meters, energy meters, torque and speed meters, an oscilloscope, a phasor analyzer, a harmonic analyzer, and a spectrum analyzer. The DACI and LVDAC-EMS also allow manual and timed data recording. The recorded data can be saved to files in any specified location, graphically represented with the provided graph plotting tool, and exported into a spreadsheet application.

  • Features and Benefits
  • Increases students’ understanding of electric power systems and power electronics circuits
    • Many flexible measuring instruments and control functions are available.
    • Pre-built SCADA interfaces ease the view and understanding of the process taking place.
    • LVDAC-EMS features a user-friendly Data Acquisition and Control interface
    • Curriculum includes student manuals and instructor guide with all the necessary theory taught prior to the hands-on experiments
  • Ensures users’ safety
    • Safety jacks are used for connection to electric power circuits.
    • Inputs and outputs are protected against improper connections and overvoltage/overcurrent conditions.
  • Affordable compared to conventional equipment
    • Virtual tools lower the cost of acquisition and replacement of accessories
  • Free software and updates
  • Flexible, user-friendly, computer-based, measurement and instrumentation tools and control functions
  • Software development kit (SDK) for customization of LVDAC-EMS