FESTO CNC Mill Training System (5600)

The CNC Mill System, Model 5600, provides training in computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) with an industrial-grade microprocessor-driven CNC mill.

The system allows students to practice computer numerical controlled (CNC) code programming and editing, learn to operate mill components, controls, and tools, set a programmed reference zero, follow the steps necessary to machine a part to programmed specifications, and apply the machine code language to current mill technology.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Key-released emergency stop push button
  • Ability to restart programs from stopping point after safety interruption
  • On-board embedded microprocessor
  • Stand-alone manual mode operation
  • Batch mode for independent operation or operation in CIM cells
  • Software program included with a full 3D tool path emulator and an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows the programming of up to 20 tools
  • 12-key membrane keypad with 20-character by 4-line LCD display
  • Feed rate and spindle speed override
  • Stall indicator
  • Mill constructed with machined cast-iron bed and head stock
  • 746 W (1 hp) motor
  • Enclosed bed and work area
  • Rear panel input for 5250 TTL control
  • Pneumatic vise output
  • Connects to host computer through RS-232 or Ethernet port
  • Low-voltage communications with robotic units
  • Sturdy construction, with larger, more powerful components than the light-duty CNC Mill, Series 5400