AGILUS – KR6 Robots

With the KR AGILUS series, KUKA is presenting a comprehensive small robot family. The performance of the KR AGILUS series is unique in its payload category. It sets standards with five or six axes, very high speeds, short cycle times and an integrated energy supply system. The robots master even unusual tasks, whether installed on the floor or ceiling or, in the case of the 6-axis version, also on the wall. All KR AGILUS models are operated uniformly with the service-proven KR C4, the universal control technology for all KUKA robot models.


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HIGH SPEED In handling tasks, especially pick-and-place tasks, KUKA small robots demonstrate one of their greatest strengths: extreme speed. This produces impressive results with minimal cycle times.Kuka KR 6.fw

PRECISION. Where high repeatability and accuracy are required, KUKA small robots are in their element. They enable manufacturing quality at the highest level. Thanks to their robust design, they work with continuous precision throughout the work envelope.

INTEGRATED ENERGY SUPPLY SYSTEM. For extremely streamlined contours, KUKA small robots have the energy supply system routed internally, including EtherCAT/EtherNet (bus cable), three 5/2-way valves (compressed air), direct air line, and six inputs and two outputs. Simple gripper integration and fast reaction – for work in confined spaces.

WIDE RANGE OF MOUNTING POSITIONS. The KUKA small robots produce impressive results in every position – thanks to the brakes integrated in all axes. The robots of the KR AGILUS fivve series for installation on the floor and ceiling, the KR AGILUS sixx series additionally for installation on the wall.

LOW MAINTENANCE. The KUKA small robots require no change of lubricant (lifetime lubrication). This makes them ideally suited to continuous, uninterrupted productivity.

OPTIMAL WORK ENVELOPE. With reaches of up to 1,100 mm and the ability to reach points near to the robot base as well as in the overhead area, the KR AGILUS offers an optimal workKR4 Compact Controller.fw envelope. Additional equipment can be attached at the mounting points on axis 3 and axis 4 (e.g. valves and I/O modules). This enables cost-effective, space-saving cell concepts.

KUKA KR C4 CONTROLLER. The KUKA small robot family is operated just like its big brothers, using the same KUKA control technology.

The KR AGILUS series. The future of small robots.

The compact, space-saving robots from KUKA are among the fastest and most reliable robots in their class. All of them utilize the advantages of the world’s most dependable and best-selling PC-based control platform KRC. And it goes without saying that this diverse range of KUKA robots can be freely combined within a single system – always with the benefits of using the same control platform.

– KR AGILUS sixx series (6-axis)

KR 6 R700 sixx, KR 6 R900 sixx, KR 10 R900 sixx, KR 10 R1100 sixx

– KR AGILUS fivve series (5-axis)

KR 6 R700 fivve, KR 6 R900 fivve, KR 10 R1100 fivve

KR Reach and Payload.fw