FESTO Geothermal Training System

The Geothermal Training System has been designed to maximize learning capabilities by regrouping every subsystem in real geothermal home energy installations. It teaches the fundamentals of heat transfer, refrigeration, and air conditioning applied to geothermal energy HVAC projects. It is suitable for varied educational requirements: future system designers and builders, maintenance technicians, and students learning the concept of energy efficiency.

With its courseware containing detailed theory and practical exercises, the Geothermal Training System is the most efficient and effective way to acquire the knowledge and skills that are put into practice every day in the geothermal industry.

Using components found exclusively on a real geothermal HVAC project, this robust training system is built on a mobile workstation sized to fit through standard door openings. The training system includes a complete curriculum, an extensive set of measuring instruments, and all the security and safety devices required to protect the user and the equipment.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Includes a complete curriculum
  • Integrates six instructor-insertable electrical faults to develop troubleshooting skills
  • Contains a set of measuring instruments
  • Includes all the security and safety devices required to protect the user and the equipment
  • All components are commercial-grade components found in the industry
  • Three ground-loop heat exchangers of two different dimensions
  • Pump and priming tank
  • Test points to control the temperature in the water tank for continuous testing, and further testing using various conditions of ground temperature
  • Energy recovery system
  • Header allowing flow adjustment
  • Ability to measure the temperature