Formech 450DT Desktop Vacuum Forming Machine

Professional Vacuum Forming at an Affordable Price.

The Formech 450DT is easy to operate with a touch screen display to control it’s four heating zones. This machine is suitable for forming sheets measuring 18″ x 12″. It does a great job with materials up to 0.25” thick. The maximum depth of draw of 7″.

A graphically driven display with easy to understand icons provide intuitive control, while a 20-program memory allows users to conveniently store and recall projects. The 450DT offers today’s students, designers and inventors the latest user experience with industry standard control technology.

Formech explores how vacuum forming is innovating design at Pratt Institute, School of Architecture

Ajmal Aqtash, Associate Director of the Center for Experimental Structures, explains how students are using Formech’s vacuum forming technology to explore shape making and structural design with their 508FS machine. Here the propensity for mass production and zonal heating have played. Watch the video below.

  • Features
  • Advanced Manufacturing Applications

Quartz Heaters with Variable Standby
Quartz heaters have the benefit of a rapid response and high efficiency resulting in time and energy savings.

Multi-zone heaters
Four heating zones and quartz heaters provide rapid heat response with a greater range of control to form challenging shapes and materials

Vacuum & Release
After the formed part has cooled, air is forced between the mould and the sheet to help it release.

Vacuum Gauge
A visual indication of consistent vacuum pressure being applied (pressure in Hg / bar).

4″ Mono HMI /PLC Interface with Memory Function
Mitsubishi integrated PLC/HMI with 4″ mono touch screen control and 20 programmable presets.

The Portable Factory shows the team at Formech how they are integrating vacuum forming, CNC, laser cutting, and 3D Printing technology to manufacture products across multiple industries, including medicine, defense, automotive and transportation. Watch: