Flite Test – Drone & Aviation STEM Program

Drone – Aviation STEM program for High School Students by Flite Test

  • This integrative STEM program was developed by a high school tech ed teacher out of Colorado
  • This exploratory program accommodates 20-30 students. Students will not work lock-step on projects together, alleviating the need to purchase 30 quad copters, controllers, etc. This cost-saving, tried-and-tested program includes a package of pre-selected items & instructions which will be more than sufficient for all students to complete the course.
  • Instructors are encouraged to integrate use of 3D printers, Lasers and CNC machines throughout the program.
  • Exclusive package through AET Labs includes (1) reusables package, (2) consumables package and (1) lifetime subscription to the FT STEM Teaching Portal ($99 per year on website)


Flite Test + STEM = FT STEM

Constructing STEM literacy through the lens of scratch build aviation for 21st century learners is the foundation of Flite Test’s K–12 Curriculum Solution. Using a modified engineering design model process, the innovative, STEM-driven hands-on aircraft activities engage learners at every level and provide real world learning opportunities that expose students to careers in science and technology.

The program also stresses critical 21st-century skills, such as communication and teamwork. Students of all learning styles (interventions, talented and gifted programs, and extended learning instruction) have success in our Flite Test Clubs all across the world, and their hands-on approach provides a variety of flexible implementation models. FT curriculum involves both student-directed and teacher-led curricula to create a powerful and effective STEM experience.

AET Labs is pleased to introduce this exciting STEM curriculum to New England secondary schools through this exclusive package!