Festo Wind Power Training System

Simple Solution for Studying Wind Power in the Classroom

Festo’s Small-Scale Wind Power Electricity Generation Training System is simple, powerful, and effective. This system enables students to study the complete process of wind power generation right in the classroom!

The training system also covers the storage of electrical energy in batteries to ensure that it is available when there is no wind or during low wind periods.

No prerequisite is needed to complete this course, which has been designed for students who need hands-on training as well as a solid theoretical foundation.


A Modular Design Approach

The modular approach for designing the training program and lab equipment enables instructors to start building their electrical-energy laboratory with a basic package of courses and equipment and add new courses and equipment over time without needless duplication of equipment. All lab equipment consists of modules that can be inserted into a workstation. Module dimensions vary between two standard EMS sizes: full-size and half-size. Symbols and diagrams representing the electrical components in each module are clearly silk-screened on the front panel. Standard, color-coded safety banana jacks are used to provide access to the various components in each module

The below chart shows all courses in the Electric Power Technology Training Program. Blue boxes highlight courses included in the training system covered in the Home Energy Production Training System, while dark grey boxes, if any, highlight courses that can be optionally added to this training system.

  • Features and Benefits
  • The training system teaches the basic principles of wind power electricity generation directly in the laboratory.
  • Wind speed and air density are simulated in the training system using a user-friendly and highly-configurable wind emulator.
  • All main components found in real wind turbines can be accessed separately in the Wind Turbine Generator/Controller, Model 8216.
  • The course curriculum of the Electric Power Technology Training Program is highly flexible and allows a multitude of different customized training solutions.
  • The courseware includes student manuals and instructor guides with all the theory required to perform the hands-on experiments.
  • All workstations, modules, and components are very sturdy to ensure a prolonged service life in a demanding environment such as a training laboratory.
  • The modular design approach of the training equipment allows a large variety of courses to be performed using a small number of modules, without unnecessary duplication of equipment.
  • All electrical components can be interconnected without electric shock hazard since all live parts of the connection leads are concealed and insulated.
  • All electrical symbols representing the components used in a laboratory exercise are clearly silk-screened on the front panel of the modules.
  • The training system includes a highly versatile USB peripheral:
    • Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply, Model 8960-2. This module is used as a dc power source, as well as to simulate different wind conditions through a large variety of configurable parameters.
  • Firmware upgrades for the Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply are available for download free of charge on the Festo Didactic website.