Festo MecLab Mechatronics System

Mechatronics Training & Education for an Industry 4.0 World

Automation technology is one of the most important growth technologies in the world. Automated systems are to be found in virtually every area of life today.

With MecLab®, the new learning system for schools, students gain insights into one of the most significant fields of application for automation technology – production technology.

The three MecLab® stations represent simplified models of typical processes to be found in any automated production plant. These include a Stacking Station, Conveyor Station and Handling Station.

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FESTO Meclab Teaching System
Stacking Magazine Station

Modular and Flexible

The MecLab® stations can be used alone. Each one performs a practical function in itself, offering a wide range of learning possibilities and subject matter.

In addition, the stations can be joined together to form more complex “production lines”. This results in many opportunities for project work.

Thus, after a short initial training period, pupils can take on the role of engineer and start working with MecLab®. By interchanging components, the standard exercises can be expanded and changed.

Built to Industry Standards

MecLab® is delivered in practical, stackable systainers, which function as storage units as well as transport MecLab® is delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

FESTO Meclab Teaching System
Conveyor Station

MecLab® is sturdy and fully capable of withstanding the rigors of a school environment. The individual stations have different functions:

The Stacking Magazine station contains a workpiece storage container and a feed separator.

The Conveyor station can transport and sort workpieces.

The Handling station can grip the workpieces and deposit them at defined points.

Realistic and Fascinating

MecLab® replicates real industrial production processes. Only industrial components are employed. The students are presented with a diverse range of modification, expansion and programming possibilities.

FESTO Meclab Teaching System
Handling Station

The tools required for making modifications are included. The wiring of the electrical components is simple and does not require tools, due to the use of standardised plugs. That lets you utilize MecLab® flexibly in your classes, however you prefer.

Who is FESTO?

Festo is a multi-billion dollar, global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions. With over 250 branch offices in 176 countries and national companies in 61 countries, Festo is always in close proximity to their worldwide customers. To win, manufacturers need partners they can trust to help them build better products. To streamline production. And of course, to continuously cut costs. It’s all about innovation.

For over 40 years in the US and 80 years globally, Festo has been a positive force for manufacturers. Their passion is automation — intelligent automation solutions that transform the way people work — and the way companies compete. Ultimately, it’s about continuously stimulating progress. In big ways and in small ways.

As a global leader in industrial automation, FESTO Didactic has the knowledge and experience to help educate the world in these processes.

Contains everything you need for working with MecLab®:Meclab complete set
– 1 Stacking Magazine station
– 1 Conveyor station
– 1 Handling station
– 1 compressor
– 3 x EasyPort to connect the stations
to the computer
– 3 x power supply unit with connector
– FluidSIM®
– Documents on CD-ROM
– Workpieces
– Tools
– Screw set
– Systainers


When Meclab is complete, a set of modular containers (Systainers) is used for convenient storage.

Stacking Magazine stationFesto Documentation

Fundamentals of pneumatics
Single-acting cylinders
Double-acting cylinders
Solenoid valves
Sensor technology – magnetic limit
Connecting tubing and wiring
Relay control systems

Conveyor Station

Activation of direct currentmotors
Inductive sensors
Opto sensors
Relay circuits
Polarity reversal circuits
PLC programming
Control using logic operations
Construction and wiring

Handling Station

Fundamentals of pneumaticsFesto Documentation3
Double-acting cylinders
Solenoid valves
Sensor technology – magnetic limit
Connecting tubing and wiring
Relay control systems
Control with logic
PLC controllers


The complete package includes a CD-ROM with:
– Workbook: Teaching with MecLab®
– Technical book: Fundamentals of automation technology
– Book of exercises with 5 – 7 exercises per station and prepared worksheets in *.doc format with solutions; these can be easily adapted to meet  your particular requirements.
– Prepared PowerPoint presentations with extensive visual materials for use in class
– Videos
– Technical data for all components


Fluidsim ScreenshotFor more than 20 years FluidSIM® has been the world’s leading circuit diagram design and simulation program for pneumatics, hydraulics and now also for electrical engineering Being able to freely design control systems is motivating, and promotes creativity and focus. Beyond that FluidSIM® provides teachers with a wealth of text, images and videos for multimedia-based lesson planning. Dive into the world of real-time simulations with your apprentices, specialists or students and celebrate successful learning at all levels!Each station is controlled with FluidSIM® software and the EasyPort interface.

FluidSIM® is the application for creating and simulating pneumatic and electrical circuits and programmable logic controllers. With its universal PC interface, FluidSIM® can control the MecLab® stations directly. As a result, the pupils can follow a continuous functional chain from the circuit diagram to simulation to control.

Fluidsim StudentOne tool for all needs

As a teacher and trainer, you are the expert who masters tasks that are needed to prepare lessons. That is why FluidSIM® 5 offers the expert mode. Your trainees should initially concentrate on the essentials. They can work and learn successfully in the standard mode, which has a reduced range of functions and offers advantages for the learning process.

Testing in real time

Whether in a training environment or in an engineering office, the simulation of control systems and processes has been standard in industry for a long time; it helps to minimise losses due to crashes and ensures greater efficiency and improved quality. The parameters of all components are identical to those of the training packages from Festo Didactic and can be fully adapted to the characteristics of other components.

Learning with fun and success

EasyportTheory is all well and good, but real practice provides motivation and promotes successful learning! In many situations, FluidSIM® 5 can be easily used as a controller for the real system: the EasyPort makes it possible – convenient, digital and analogue! New: with the joystick, FluidSIM® 5 is not only fun, but it now also allows several switches and valves to be operated simultaneously.

Since FluidSIM® is supplied as a classroom license, the number of pupils who can work with FluidSIM® at one time is limited only by the number of computers. They can use it to try out their solutions in simulation before testing them on the real station. Moreover, FluidSIM® provides information at the click of a mouse button about all components, and many informative animated sequences.