Epilog Fusion Pro Series Laser System

Introducing the new Epilog Fusion Pro. 5G acceleration and 165 IPS engraving speeds provide the fastest engraving in the industry. And the IRIS™ Camera Positioning system allows you to precisely place your artwork on screen in seconds.

Proudly 100% designed, engineered and built in the USA!


  • Fusion Pro 32: 32” x 20” (812 x 508 mm) work area
  • Fusion Pro 48: 48” x 36” (1219 x 914 mm) work area
  • Wattages:
    • CO2: 50, 60, 75, or 120 watts
    • Fiber: 30 or 50 watts
    • Dual: Configure your laser with both CO2 and Fiber sources


The fastest laser engraving systems on the market. Performance and image quality are at the heart of the Fusion Pro line of laser systems. With a maximum speed of 165 inches/second, and featuring 5g acceleration, the Fusion Pro lasers are the fastest, most productive laser systems available. Whether you’re engraving wood, plastic, coated metals or glass, the Fusion Pro allows you to produce more product in less time than any competitive system. 

  • Epilog Laser Fusion Pro Features
  • What Will Your Students Create with an Epilog?
  • Made-in the USA Quality: Designed, engineered, & built in Golden, CO
  • High Speed Engraving up to 165 IPS: Highest speed engraver
  • 5G System Acceleration: Fast acceleration to top speed
  • IRIS™ Camera Positioning: Overhead cameras & camera at the assembly for registration mark recognition
  • SAFEGUARD™ features: Keep the mechanics cleaner and dust free
  • Touch-screen Controls: File selection and settings changes at the laser
  • Air Assist & Compressor: Remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface
  • Vacuum Hold-Down Table: Exhaust under the table
  • Networking Choices: Built-in Ethernet, USB, and wireless connections
  • Permanent Job Storage (1 GB): Keep your most run jobs at the machine
  • Auto Focus: Focus your material by thickness and plunger
  • Software Suite: Dashboard and Job Manager Software Package
  • 50, 60, 75, or 120 watt CO2, air-cooled, metal Waveguide laser tube, 10.6 micrometers
  • or 30 or 50 watt Fiber Laser Source, 1064 nm
  • or Dual Source configuration
  • Radiance™ Beam Enhancing Optics: Higher resolution optics for detailed engraving
  • Laminar Air Flow: Streamlined air flow for the most efficient smoke and vapor removal
  • High-Speed, Brushless DC Servo Motors: Withstands the most rigorous engraving jobs at high speeds
  • Red Dot Pointer: Provides a visible laser beam to help position your projects.
  • Job Trace: Quickly see where the job will engrave on your material
  • Easy Access, Drop-Down Door: Front access door for the laser system
  • Super-Silent™ Cooling Fans: Quiet operation suitable for office environments
  • 3-Jaw Chuck Rotary Compatibility
  • Rim-style Rotary Compatibility

Epilog Lasers are a valuable addition to any school Fab Lab or makerspace.

With countless applications to complement a STEM curriculum, laser engraving machines are just as at home in a graphic design program as carpentry or metal fabrication shop.