E-Blocks Rapid Electronics Prototyping

E-blocks allow engineers and learners to rapidly develop a wide variety of fully functioning electronics systems. They are used by thousands of development engineers in industry and by educators and students in universities, colleges and schools for learning and projects.

E-blocks are small circuit boards each of which contains a block of electronics that you would typically find in an electronic or embedded system. There are more than 50 separate circuit boards in the range; from simple LED boards to more complex boards like device programmers, Bluetooth boards and TCP/IP boards.

E-blocks can be snapped together to form a wide variety of fully functioning systems. The ease and speed of construction makes E-blocks ideal for the rapid prototyping of complex electronic systems in industry, and for use by teachers and learners in colleges and universities. Use of E-blocks is well supported with complementary ranges of software, courseware and curriculum, and sensors. In addition to this the products are well supported with applications information, product datasheets, and a very active forum for support and advice.

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