D.I.Wire Pro

The D.I.Wire Pro is the newest CNC benchtop wire bender by Pensa Labs, offering the power, speed, precision and modularity that professionals need. Bend any wire material between 0.027″ (0.7mm) to 0.188″ (4.8mm), bend strap, add a straightener and other accessories to optimize production & speed up the prototyping process.

The D.I.Wire Pro has a bend mechanism that delivers smooth, tight radius curves — from fine orthodontic retainer wire to stainless steel parts:

  • Wire diameter: from 0.028″ (0.7mm) to 0.188″ (4.8mm).
  • Maximum bend angle: 180°
  • Bend accuracy: +/- 0.5°
  • Feed accuracy: +/- 0.004” (0.1mm)

Watch the D.I.Wire Pro in action: