Carvey Desktop Carving Machine

Bring carving into the classroom

Carvey’s fully-enclosed design makes 3D carving clean, quiet, and safe. Combined with Easel, the free web-based software by Inventables, this desktop CNC machine is truly accessible to students of all ages.

Learn from our Technical Advisors why Carvey is the perfect choice for your classroom, library, or STEM makerspace.

Special EDU packages available!


  • Why Choose the Carvey for Your STEM Classroom?

Carvey comes with everything you need to get started. Add more carving bits and materials to enhance your experience.

Automatic calibration, built-in settings for your materials, and free, easy software make Carvey intuitive and approachable.

A fully-enclosed frame ensures the mess (and the noise) stays on the inside.

Create a hands-on learning experience in your library or school makerspace, preparing STEM/STEAM students for careers in design and digital fabrication.

Collaborate on group projects, like a custom tile wall, or carve individual projects inspired by our Easel Live classes.

“Safe, clean, and quiet, Carvey is the ideal digital manufacturing tool for a traditional classroom or maker space. Students as young as elementary age can create and carve custom designs and build projects with endless possibilities.”

Education Teacher, Sebastopol, CA