Medical Simulation Models – Humans, Animals and Task Trainers

SynDaver manufactures the world’s most sophisticated synthetic human and animal tissue analogs, body parts and full bodies. SynDaver Synthetic Human and SynDaver Surgical Canine can bleed and breathe, and both employ hundreds of replaceable muscles, bones, organs and vessels that are made from materials that mimic the mechanical, thermal and physicochemical properties of living tissues. This validated technology is used as an alternative to animal dissections, to replace live animals, cadavers and human patients in medical device studies, clinical training and surgical simulation.

Medical Segments include:

  • Anatomy
  • Surgery
  • Pre-Hospital
  • Med-device
  • Veterinary
  • STEM


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Why SynDaver?

Anatomy and other health science classes worldwide are replacing inadequate plastic models and unsafe human and animal cadavers with the SynDaver Anatomy Model, which is made from materials that mimic live human tissue instead of dead tissue.

SynDaver is:


SynDaver products are less expensive than cadavers over the course of their service life, and
they may be repaired and upgraded indefinitely


With proper care, SynDaver Anatomy Models will last indefinitely, providing decades of troublefree use.


SynDaver Synthetic Humans are an ethical alternative to using live animals or animal
cadavers for anatomy education.


SynDaver products are biohazard and formaldehyde-free, and they pose no health risk to
those who handle them.


Since SynTissue® mimics live tissue (made from water, fibers and salts), it delivers realistic training without the dangers posed by cadavers.


Human Anatomy

Anatomy Model G2 SynDaver® Labs is the world leader in high-fidelity synthetic human
and animal modeling—and we are building on this lead with tissue and anatomy enhancements across all product lines, Our second generation (G2) SynDaver Anatomy Model features improved accuracy in muscular origins and insertions, higher fidelity in organ systems, and greater durability in vascular and nervous structures.

Model Comparison Chart

Compare Syndaver Anatomy, Surgical, Patient, Mortuary, Musculoskeletal Models

Cat Anatomy

It pairs SynTissue® organs with a silicone chassis and is intended to replace the use of cat cadavers in middle and high school dissection (non-biohazard and ethically sound). Its replaceable SynTissue® organs extend the useful life of this model indefinitely.

Dog Anatomy

The Canine model provides an unparalleled platform for repeatable surgical procedures. Featuring customizable pathologies integrated with complete vasculature, the system affords veterinary students and surgeons an incomparable experience in surgical situations
commonly faced in the operating room

Synthfrog STEM Worksheet

Example of same lab work that can done in school with Syndaver models versus cadavers


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