Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School

Early Adopters of Advanced Additive Manufacturing & Robotics Technology

Diman Regional is used to making headlines at this point. Literally thrust into the spotlight on national television in 2018 during US Rep. Joe Kennedy’s State of the Union response, this school is a shining example of putting the future needs of students first. Administrators consistently do this by giving them access to the same cutting-edge manufacturing tools being utilized by industry leaders.



Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop inducts the DM Studio System, the first 3D metal printer installed in a US secondary school.

We have been honored to support their top-notch 3D printing program over the past 5 years, installing both Stratasys uPrint, F123 series, and Dimension printers, and most recently the news-making installation of a Desktop Metal Studio System, the first 3D metal printer in a US secondary school.

Along with advanced additive manufacturing technology, Diman is on the forefront of Industry 4.0 education, tasking us with helping them to equip their manufacturing department with a state-of-the-art Kuka Kore robotics training system.

Advanced Manufacturing students eager to start training on the 3D metal printing system.


Diman Regional Drafting Department Head Mitchell Sweet explains how they’ve successfully implemented a 3D printing program in conjunction with their CAD education curriculum using the superior capabilities of the Stratasys F123 series. The kicker? As Sweet explains, Diman is already saving money by producing their own 3D printed  replacement parts for other machinery on campus.