Dynamic and efficient, 5-axis machining is fast becoming the standard in manufacturing. As more complex geometries and production efficiencies are demanded by industry, how do we prepare students with the right skills needed to excel as advanced, 5-axis adept machinists?

Follow 5 progressive steps:

Step One: Choose professional-grade CNC machines and software by EMCO

The benefits of choosing EMCO’s high-quality professional-grade 5-axis machines, can be quantified in more time on the shop floor teaching, and less downtime, mired in troubleshooting or waiting for technical support. 

These well-supported CNC education packages are supported by the leaders in today’s advanced manufacturing field – Seimens and MasterCAM to make sure your students are getting real-world skills that transfer seamlessly into a well-paying career upon graduation.

Learn more about our 5-Axis packages here.



Step Two: Choose the Right Software

Future-oriented CNC Training Begins with the right foundation. Siemens’ SINUMERIK CNC technology platform has long been the preferred choice within elite CNC manufacturing tiers worldwide. Logically, using the same CNC technology platform most widely used in industry to train students will provide them with the skill-set actually needed by today’s employers.

Siemens SINUMERIK CNC technology offers:

  • One control platform teaches comprehensive foundational skills right up to advanced 5-axis CNC instruction.
  • The platform most used by high-tech manufacturing
  • Backed by the world’s leading motion control company
  • Nationwide service, support and training
  • Industry-recognized certification upon graduation

EMCO machine has partnered with Siemens to offer this optimal training solution as part of all of their CNC packages: Learn More

Step Three: Choose Modular Courseware for all Skill Levels

The EMCO Campus modular platform provides a progressive training pathway to a career in 5-axis CNC machining.  

A “choose your own adventure” style program, each level of EMCO Campus preps students for real-world ready jobs in manufacturing, from basic CNC machine operator to 5-axis CNC machine technicians.

Tailor each students journey according to their skill-level and goal:

Learn more about EMCO Campus here.


Step Four: Offer comprehensive Student and Instructor Training and Certification

Made available through Siemens Cooperates with Education (SCE), the LEAP program is designed to give high school and technical school graduates basic to advanced machine tool knowledge that will benefit them in their future careers as advanced manufacturing professionals.


This industry-proven training program, included with every EMCO CNC package, is a progressive 3-step program that results in advanced understanding and real-world ready certification in 5-axis milling.

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Step Five: Acquire Top-Level 5-axis training from Siemens and EMCO

Optimum results in fitness will benefit from coaching, through a proven and progressive program, led by a professional. Likewise, proficiency in 5-axis machining is propelled by receiving expert support and training by the authorities in advanced manufacturing – Siemens and EMCO machine.

Students are led through a top-level course which addresses high-speed cutting (HSC) for applications that use SINUMERIK 828D / 840D sl controls. Each attendee receives a complimentary copy of SINUTRAIN for SINUMERIK Operate at the end of the class for reference in their future careers.

Want to learn more about EMCO 5-axis training packages and see the EMCO MaxxMill 400 in action?

Register below for a live demo at Essex North Shore Technical School – an opportunity open to all New England manufacturing instructors.

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