On March 23rd join AET Labs and MakerBot Product Specialist Chris Franks as he introduces the new MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder to the New England education community. Chris will discuss how custom material print modes offer new advantages to your classroom, and how this creative flexibility can help push the boundaries for your school.

Topics will include:

  • 3D Printing with various materials such as composite metals
  • Custom slicing modes
  • New modifiable hardware and interchangeable nozzles
  • User-friendly lesson plans for K12 & Higher Ed


When: March 23, 2018
Time: 8:30-1:30
Where: Minuteman High School, 758 Marrett Rd, Lexington, MA 02421

Cost to attend: $50.00

Optional – MakerBot Experimental Extruder & colorFabb Material Bundle: $425


  • Workshop Registration $50 Credit
  • 1 MakerBot Experimental Extruder
  • 1 colorFabb copperFIll Filament Spool
  • 1 colorFabb bronzeFill Filament Spool
  • 1 colorFabb corkFill Filament Spool
  • 1 colorFabb woodFill Filament Spool

All workshop attendees will receive a $50 credit towards the purchase of a Makerbot Experimental Extruder & colorFabb Material Bundle, lunch and a Professional Development Certificate.

March 23, 2018 Workshop Registration - Makerbot Experimental Extruder Workshop

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