January 11, 2017

Develop your 3D printing Craftsmanship Skills with our NEW Hands-on MakerBot Post Processing Workshop!

MakerBot Post Processing Workshop: Silicone MoldsDesktop 3D printing has had a dramatic impact on how professionals work and what students learn. But the value of 3D printing doesn’t necessarily end with the print! By learning the craftsmanship of post processing, you can create an aesthetically realistic prototype, a mold for an end-use product, or even functional machines – all without the cost of traditional manufacturing methods.

Take your ideas beyond the build plate in the first of our upcoming MakerBot Post-Processing Workshops: Silicone Molding Techniques. Held at our new training center in Essex, MA on January 31, 2017, this hands-on class will teach you some of the best practices associated with creating silicone molds around 3D printed parts.

Silicone molding is a powerful production method which when combined with 3D printing can:

  • Allow you to make several copies of one product
  • Create a product in a material that isn’t supported by your 3D printer

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