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Advanced Laser Cutting Machine Applications

When the excitement of your new laser wears off and you’ve finally gotten tired of making little trinkets for your administrators, take the next step in creativity by learning the many other advanced features and benefits this technology has to offer. Topics Include: Safety Cylindrical engraving with the rotary attachment Jigs and fixtures Advanced Bitmap tracing 2.5D… read more

Using VCarve Pro with your CNC Router

One of the best things about adding a CNC router to a school or college is the amount of subjects it has the potential to cross-over into. VCarve CAM software is perfect for the educational environment. It’s easy enough to make progress in a standard class period but also has enough power to be used… read more

3D Scanning – From Capture to Completion

3D Scanning is an essential tool for reverse engineering, but the evolution of this technology has enabled many other useful applications. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn about the Scan to CAD capabilities and limitations, as well as how to post-process and prepare part files for 3D printing. Topics will include: Selecting the best 3D scanning technology for… read more

Onshape CAD Bootcamp

Onshape is a professional, cloud-based, professional CAD system that’s accessible on any device. Best of all, it’s Free! Part of AET Labs’ Summer Fab Lab Bootcamp, this course is for new users who want to quickly learn the main features, functionality and use of Onshape. This 2 day intructor workshop will meet at Minuteman High School in Lexington,… read more

Inventor of 4D Printing is Keynote Speaker for Dig it. Fab it. Make it.

Ask your students this: What if we could design objects that evolve and adapt to inclement weather instead of fracturing? The AET Labs team is thrilled to announce Skylar Tibbits, founder of the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT, as this year’s keynote speaker at Dig It. Fab It. Make It., May 3rd at WPI. In this… read more