Certify Students in the Additive Manufacturing Skills Industry Demands

Additive plays a key role across industries, but there is a widening gap between the technology and the number of skilled workers who can drive it. As a certification institution, you will prepare the workforce of tomorrow by offering a professional proficiency credential in additive manufacturing technologies, industries and applications, FDM and PolyJet materials, key technology specifications, design considerations from CAD to CAM, fabrication considerations and post-processing methods.

Stratasys is leveraging 30 years of additive knowledge to create this professional proficiency credential. Students earn the professional proficiency credential by studying a specified set of learning objectives and passing the certification exam at a verified school or institution. Educational Institutions enrolled in the certification program have access to 40 contact hours of exam prep content organized into modules accessible directly through Stratasys.

Resources for participating institutions include:

  • Hands-on projects and labs
  • GrabCAD and Insight CAM software
  • Module quizzes
  • Instructor notes
  • Presentations and more

Students in the program also have access to resources, such as technical resources and guides, software, prep notes and more.

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