IntelliARC Welding Assessment Center

The Intelli-ARC 3052 Mobile Welding Assessment Center is design to help instructors train students to be more consistent and efficient welders. The unit is specifically designed for a welding training environment. The center is 52”x 30” with a 6” high back and side. The 24”W cabinet has both a drawer and door for easy access. The cabinet is vented and has filters which allow the Intelli-ARC Controller to not over heat while filtering the normal dust and debris that is produced in a welding lab environment.

The intelligence of the system is contained in the production monitoring software, that allows instructors to see key data for student welds such as Weld Duration Time, Deposited Weight, Deposition Rate, Current Limits (High and Low) and percentages related to current, Voltage Limits (High and Low) and percentages related to Voltage, Wire Feed Speed Limits (High and Low) and percentages related to Wire Feed Speed, and True Energy.


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