Creaform ACADEMIA Solution Suite

Are you looking to take the level of your metrology expertise and teaching skills to a whole new level?

Discover Creaform ACADEMIA, a brand-new solution suite for teachers looking to educate and inspire using metrology. Addressing the inherent realities of the academic world, it fosters experienced-based learning and development using tools widely used in Industry 4.0, allowing you to enhance your curricula and better prepare students for their careers ahead.

With this new educational program, Creaform goes beyond delivering simple didactic tools and provides complete and collaborative skill-nurturing academic solutions.

The solution suite includes our professional-grade ACADEMIA 3D scanner, free application software, and complimentary add-ons tailored to get you started with industrial 3D measurement technologies. Achieve the highest level of quality teaching possible—all while taking advantage of the latest innovations on the market and not breaking the bank with Creaform ACADEMIA.

  • 3D Scanning at Your Fingertips
  • Complementary Didactic Materials


Put the power of 3D digitization into the hands of your students with ACADEMIA, Creaform’s easy-to-use professional-grade 3D scanner. Give your students a hands-on learning experience and show them how they can use 3D scanners for a wide variety of engineering applications, such as product development, reverse engineering and inspection.


  • Pack of 3 ACADEMIA professional-grade 3D scanners (other options available)
  • ACADEMIA software covering reverse engineering and inspection
  • 5-year worry-free ACADEMIA Customer Care Plan
  • Self-training documentation on ACADEMIA 3D scanners


  • Turnkey solution with all the necessary add-ons to enrich your syllabus
  • The industry’s most affordable professional-grade 3D scanner dedicated to teaching applications
  • Software to use 3D scans in real-world engineering workflows
  • Portable, fast, and easy-to-use 3D measurement solutions: become an expert in no time!
  • No training necessary with the self learning documentation on ACADEMIA 3D scanners

In addition to 3D scanning hardware and free software, Creaform ACADEMIA also includes complementary didactic material that is in line with today’s industry requirements and covers three main themes: 3D scanning, reverse engineering and inspection.

Take advantage of unlimited web-based access to exclusively curated lecture information and tools that can easily be integrated in any engineering class or lab. Designed to teach real-life applications and foster hands-on experience, our comprehensive teaching kits will engage your students like never before.

Included in the Suite:

  • Customizable Teaching Presentations
  • Video Tutorials and Self Learning Documentation
  • Pre-Built Lab Exercises with Sample Datasets for real hands-on experience with 3D files

Creaform ACADEMIA includes Creaform’s powerful and fully integrated 3D application software suite, giving your students the tools required to learn how to address any type of conventional or ahead-of-the-curve engineering project or workflow. With our educational solution suite, you get 50 seats—completely free of charge!


Acquisition Modules:

VXscan / VXprobe / VXshot

Application Modules:

VXmodel: Scan-to-CAD Software Module
VXinspect: Dimensional Inspection Software Module