Hand-in-hand with the robotic assistant: the LBR Med is conquering the operating room

For decades, KUKA robots have been used for research, development and production. They are service-proven, reliable high-tech systems for exceptional precision, continuity and quality. By choosing KUKA, you are opting for pioneering technologies and the reliability of longstanding customer relationships. Gain valuable planning security for your medical technology company and benefit from Kuka’s expertise in challenging medical applications.

LBR Med – Unique technology for your distinct field of application

The LBR Med bundles all robot capabilities that are particularly required in medical technology. KUKA supplies the LBR Med as a robotic component for integration into a medical product. This integration is surprisingly easy, as KUKA provides you with a CB Report in accordance with ISO 60601-1 for the LBR Med in cooperation with VDE.

We are pleased to make this technology available to the New England medical community, and look forward to helping integrate this transformative tool into your research & development program. To learn more please contact us or sign up to download a Kuka LBR med brochure for medical professionals.

LBR Med is: