New Festo Didactic and Siemens’ Mechatronics Certification Program Offers Elevated Pathway to Advanced Manufacturing Careers

Smart Pathways to Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Careers

Industrial certification programs empower graduates to enter the workplace and earn promotions at a faster pace. Employers understand that students who receive hands-on training in a skilled trade have the highest promise to help their companies grow in the right direction, while narrowing the STEM skills gap in the workplace overall.

Students enrolled in Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP) powered by Festo Didactic state-of-the-art equipment will gain a hands-on understanding of the complexities of the mechatronics system. By design, they will graduate with the soft skills and technical skills needed to thrive in advanced manufacturing careers.

Industrial Education Partners of Choice

Festo and Siemens usher German-quality engineering to high schools, colleges and universities across America in an amplified effort to prepare the industrial workforce of the future.

Through the SMSCP partnership, Festo supports students, instructors, and learning institutions, addressing the talent shortage as the manufacturing industry quickly evolves. By receiving training and mentorship directly from Industry 4.0 professionals, students learn from a curriculum set aligned and up to speed with industry advancements.

Festo’s approach

Mechatronics – the marriage of electrical, mechanical, and computer technologies is a philosophy for looking at the system. While traditional methods of teaching mechatronics typically focus on learning each field separately, Festo and Siemens take a holistic approach to the complete system.

SMSCP is designed to be integrated into existing forms of study and is divided into three exam-based levels. Each level provides immediate utility for employers and corresponds to real-life job profiles.

As Manufacturing Systems Advance, So Do Required Skills

Manufacturing, packaging and other systems are becoming more complex and pervasive, and more knowledge is required to design, operate and maintain them than ever before.

These innovative jobs require critical thinking and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing industries like Industry 4.0, changing the way people, data and machines interact, and creating a workforce prepared with high-tech design and engineering training skills.

Over the past decade, modern manufacturing has shifted dramatically with the rise of technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). The STEM workforce is critical to the U.S. economy, however, hiring challenges remain and the skills gap continues to widen. As automated systems become more complex, there is a growing demand for qualified workers at all levels with advanced knowledge of integrated mechatronic systems.

Gaining Global Skills Through Local Engagement

Festo and Siemens are committed to improving access to the industry’s best trainers, sophisticated learning systems, and industry-approved curriculum – because certified workers get hired faster and paid better.

When students have the opportunity to learn in a simulated smart factory environment, on top-of-the-line equipment and with adequate exposure to problem-solving scenarios they’ll encounter in a real job setting, they are equipped for success immediately upon graduating.

We’re proud to support students with viable career-programs that lead to advanced degrees, competitive salaries, and world-class technical skills.

If you’re an educator interested in offering the SMSCP program on your campus, please contact Samantha Graham at 888.768.4550 x 108.

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