Industry-Recognized Certification for
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What is FI4.OCP?

To ensure a world-class technical industry standard, Festo Didactic is working with qualified technical schools, colleges and universities in North America to offer industrial certification to students who are educated by certified teachers. Along with I4.0 technical content, FI4.0CP focuses on providing a wide range of skills including critical thinking and problem solving. Festo Didactic provides turnkey solutions with courseware, equipment, training and exams around I4.0. Partnerships with educational institutions are based on cooperation through beneficial activities in program development, research and teaching. Classrooms will be equipped with FI4.0CP hardware and have certified instructor(s) through NC3 Train-the-Trainer courses. The certification will supply the hands-on experience that today’s industry is looking for.

AET Labs is please to introduce this groundbreaking certification program to the New England education community!

Why become FI4.OCP certified?

The demand for highly-skilled, industrial problem-solvers continues to increase but there aren’t enough qualified employees with the high-tech, design engineering and critical thinking skills needed to fill advanced manufacturing positions. Employees must adapt to the continuous technological changes. This requires a high level of transformation.

Learn more about the importance of training students NOW in job-ready skills for the fourth evolution in of our industrial world.

The Industry 4.0 User’s Guide: Educator Edition




How is the program structured?

FI4.0CP is easily integrated with existing certificate, Associate, and Bachelor degree programs, and offers three levels of certification. Festo Didactic partner with NC3 – the trusted certification accrediting body in the industry – to ensure students are well-trained and ready for technical careers. They do this by deploying the industry’s best trainers, designing a rigorous curriculum, and providing access to simulated smart factory equipment and learning systems. All FI4.0CP certified instructors go through NC3’s Train-the-Trainer program and achieve an instructor certification that qualifies them to provide training to students (and other Educators) on how to operate and maintain sophisticated Industry 4.0 (I4.0) machinery. With FI4.0CP, colleges and universities can feel confident they’re providing students the best possible opportunity for career advancement.

Through the FI4.0CP program, students can horizontally or vertically stack certification levels.

Horizontal stacking allows students to train across a variety of topics, for a well-rounded I4.0 education. Vertical stacking provides a more concentrated focus on a specialized topic area, moving through all three levels to complete individual certificates.



The Benefits to this Stackable System of Certification:

Allows students to transition into a variety of production, technician, and engineering jobs in high-tech and advanced manufacturing industries.

Provides students with a clear advantage over their competition in the job market.

Integrates into existing technical programs and is completed in parallel to students’ studies.

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