Hands-on learning and research tools for STEAM students

Get a jump-start on teaching with your new equipment. Download our free curriculum resources for a variety of equipment and training systems. Ranging from 3D printing, CAD, laser engraving, and electrical and mechanical engineering, expertly designed curriculum guides are available for middle school students to university scholars.

In addition to technical training equipment, our manufacturers offer an abundant supply of exclusive resources including instructor guides, student manuals, job sheets and assessment tools. Many of these items are included exclusively with equipment purchase.

For educators interested in sample curriculum plans for specific equipment please contact us at 888-768-4550 or info@aetlabs.com


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3D Printing Resources for Educators

MakerBot Educators Guidebook


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Fundamentals in Laser Engraving Instructor Workshop
Epilog Workshop Projects – Workshop Hand-out3 Workshop Hand-out2 Workshop Hand-out1<
Epilog Laser and Corel Draw Seminar


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Principles of Mechatronics Presentation

Teaching with MecLab

Electric Power Systems

DC Power Electronics
Three Phase Circuits


Direct Digital Control – Courseware Sample