Professional Class 3D Printers

Stratasys_PlatinumPartner_Education_2017Your classroom is a manufacturing center and a lot is at stake with the projects created by your students. They must be done right and done on time. Your requirements: Consistency and quality. If you expect more, shouldn’t you get more?

With Stratasys professional class 3D printers you get exactly that. The name of the game is Form-Fit-Function. Will it work? What does it look like?

Choose your technology. With genuine FDM technology you get strong and accurate parts made with ABS,Ultem, Polycarbonate and more. With Polyjet technology you get super high accuracy and resolution along with blended materials in color and rubber-like durometers, so you know it’s going to work.

It’s more than just a prototype. It’s your project. Make sure it’s represented properly. Make sure it’s built on a Stratasys machine.